Online Slot Strategy that Surely Help You Win


Slot machine sure is very entertaining to play. Not only fun, it can also brings you fortune. And now everyone can play it virtually everywhere anytime.

It’s been well known that online gambling really change many people’s life.

While slot is a very simple game to play, but if you just play it casually without any preparation or strategy, it can turn into a disaster for your finance.

So if you looking for any tips, these strategy surely will help you win.

Manage Your Bankroll

First of all, setting your bankroll is key when it comes to winning at your next slot88 machine.  Determine the amount you are willing to spend and lose. Also look for a slot machine that match with your budget. Always keep in mind that slot machines are meant to be fun. So, invest on amount that you won’t regret losing.

All that Glitter is not Always Gold

Online slot games sure have a catchy thumbnail and trailer to attract players into playing it. Your job is not to fall on it easily.

Try to do some research on the game like trying the free-play mode and how the system work before begin you play for real money.

Bet Consistently

Don’t be too greedy. Start with a small bet, make the right moves, grow consistently, and watch how things unfold. This is meant to create a steady game, especially when you are new to the game.

Learn the Paylines

Always learn the paylines before you start your bet. They are important aspect of your game which will determine how much money you can spend and get. Paylines also determine your chance at winning.

Very important to note that the more paylines the more you spend, the more money you need to spend. So, try to balance both properly.

Choosing Low Volatility Slot

Low volatility slot simply means the game is easy to win but only offer small prize money. Sure you can win a huge money on High volatility slot games, but it is better to have assurance than rely on sheer luck. Worst case is you keep thinking the next roll must be good and your expectation betray you. Trust me, many people fall on this disaster.

But well if you feel lucky and got big cash you willing to spend then it is very okay to play high volatility slot games.

Never Trust the “Loose Machine” Theory

One of the most popular theory on slot gambling is the loose machine theory where they say if it played by player and the jackpot is not shown yet, then you will have a big chance to get the jackpots.

Well, slot games is designed purely based on RNG, so it doesn’t matter whether the jackpot is shown yet or not. You can even get two or more jackpot streak if you really lucky.


Those are some basic strategy that surely help you to have a better chance at winning online slot betting. With a right strategy and knowledge, big profit and a fun gambling experience awaits you.

That’s why online slot are so popular these days.